KF Ventures, LTD.
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KF Ventures, Ltd. is a multi-faceted developer serving a seven county area in Northwest Ohio.

The capabilities and current projects owned and operated by KF Ventures include residential home construction, commercial / retail space, and industrial development including large manufacturing and warehouse rentals as well as build to suit projects of many sizes.

Our capabilities range from subdivision homes valued at $125,000 to $200,000, to large manufacturing or warehouse space, with project values exceeding $15 million.

The company is a family owned operation which is committed to providing value to our clients with their purchasing of a new home, leasing retail space, or turn-key industrial construction projects. Our largest project to date was a distribution center, which had a total of 458,000 square feet and a value of more than $14 million.

We understand customer needs, local building codes, road and utility construction, subdivision development, including industrial, commercial and residential, and industrial needs such as railroad service, cranes, reinforced floors, pits for equipment and much more. Give our team a chance to help you with your needs.

This site contains specific information about each of our major capabilities which will help you identify the many ways we can provide value added services and on time delivery of your project, be it a home for the family or a manufacturing facility.
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